Commission for monitoring and support for high-performance/high-level sportsmen and women

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The Commission



There are students who combine their academic obligations with High-Performance (regional level) or High-Level (state level) programmes. Inclusion in these programmes involves meeting very specific requirements. The inherent demands differ significantly in accordance with the sporting activity, but in general are all very high. Some cases may require dedication in excess of 20 hours per week, along with periods spent away with the national team or competing in international events. These are students who are generally very committed both academically and in terms of sports, exponents of values that society admires but, at least in the case of Spain, only timidly supports. Effort, perseverance, discipline and the noble pursuit of objectives of excellence are part of the University's ethical heritage, and one way to promote this is to support these student sportsmen and women through mechanisms adapted to our own academic reality.



  • To inform the three sectors of the university community of legislation relating to High-Performance Sport (HPS) and High-Level Sport (HLS)
  • To provide advice and support to any HPS and HLS student sportsmen and women who request it, carrying out a personalised follow-up of their performance
  • To offer advice and support to teachers with teaching responsibilities related to these student sportsmen and women
  • To explore opportunities to support such programmes
  • To inform the Management and Board of the University about all difficulties and achievements


Commission actions aimed at students

The Commission administers applications from students who have been included in a regional HPS programme or in the HLS programme of the Higher Sports Council or are in the process of doing so (Application procedure).


Commission actions aimed at teaching staff

The Commission responds to queries from teaching staff regarding any issue related to the academic and sporting compatibility of students under its supervision.



The Commission, which reports to the School Management and Board, has the following composition:

For Research Teaching Staff:

  • Prof. José Luis Briz (President, Dept. of Computer Science and Systems Engineering)
  • (Board Member, Department of Applied Mathematics)
  • (Secretary, IT Department and Systems Engineer)

For Non-Teaching Staff:

  • Carlos Rubio García

For Students:

  • Jorge Turbica Mamblona, estudiante de 3º del Grado en Ing. Informática


Luis Miguel Romeo Giménez


Memorias Anuales


Access to relevant legislation on the compatibility of studies and sports practice:



Application procedure

Requirements for access to the Commission's monitoring and support programme

  • Be enrolled in any of the degrees taught at EINA.
  • Be listed as a top-level sportsman or women in the Official State Journal or as a high-performance sportsman or women in the Official Regional Journal. The Commission can also be contacted by anybody who meets the requirements and is in the process of obtaining such recognition (e.g. because they have been invited by their National Team to take part in international competitions).

Documentation to be presented

  • Updated official academic record
  • Short sport CV
  • Copy of Official State Journal (HLS) Aragón Regional Journal (HPS)

Training schedule and competitions and events calendar, when known



  • La solicitud se entregará en la Secretaría de la EINA, dirigida a la Comisión de Seguimiento y Apoyo del Deporte de Alto Nivel y Alto Rendimiento, en cualquier plazo.
  • La Comisión contactará con el solicitante una vez revisada la documentación sometida a fin de realizar una entrevista personal, que dará comienzo al programa de seguimiento.



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