ICT Volunteers in support of charities

Última modificación: 03/05/2021 - 08:18


Because that's what you asked for! Given the concern shown by students at EINA, we have set up an ICT Volunteer Work Programme that aims to establish working collaborations that will help improve the operation and activities of charities in our area.

Aim: To create a link between students and charities over a specific period, regularly dedicating around 2 or 3 hours per week to offer technological support, thus covering some of their needs and shortcomings in ICT.

All students taking part have the opportunity to learn about the operation and activities of the host charity, in order to provide suitable technological solutions. This collaboration also diversifies and enriches their training, allowing them to work alongside charities in areas as diverse as care for the disabled, the fight against poverty, support for the sick and their families, services for older people, social and occupational integration of adults, support for young people at risk of social exclusion, care for drug addicts, or cooperation for development.


  1. Charities send us their support needs (Volunteer offers) through the Aragón Volunteer Work Coordinator.
  2. Interested students can state their wish to collaborate with the charity using the ICT Volunteer Work Application Form.
  3. The charity contacts the student in order to specify the terms of the collaboration.



Up to 2 credits can be homologated per course, with a maximum of 6 credits per degree.

All information about University of Zaragoza (recognition of credits, regulations, etc.) is available on the Vice-Rectorate website, under Voluntary Work regulations.