"Leonardo da Vinci - Torres Leza" Technology Space at EINA

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"Leonardo da Vinci-Torres Leza" Technology Space was inaugurated at 1 p.m. on March 19th in Agustín de Betancourt building at the School of Engineering and Architecture of University of Zaragoza. The mission of this technology space is twofold: firstly, to serve as a tribute in memory of the figure of the Professor Emeritus of the Manufacturing Process Engineering Area, Mr Fernando Torres Leza (and, through him, the founding professors of the previous ETSIIZ), and, secondly, to take advantage of his scientific-technical dissemination work, in particular dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci; secondly, to present industrial engineering contents to university students and to the general public in an attractive way.


The exhibition presents a journey through the different facets of the figure of Leonardo da Vinci using a methodology known as the Integrated System of Universal Categories, as developed by Professor Torres. An interactive screen presents ideas, writings, works and other aspects of Leonardo classified according to these categories, giving the public a universal overview. Developments as a mechanical systems engineer are a hugely important part of his work. This is why Professor Torres decided to project fourteen carefully designed functional models from a selection of these systems, taken from the Codex Madrid I, which we will also enjoy in this exhibition space. The exhibition includes interactive content related to each of the models, including their description by Leonardo, block diagram, animation, possible applications and videos showing operation.



Inauguración (13 de marzo de 2019)

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