Printing Services

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  • Plaza de las Ingenierías (module 4)


Opening times:

  • Monday to Friday: from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.



  • Telephone: (+34) 876555197



  • Photocopies: in black and white and colour A4 and A3, on white or A4 coloured paper and cardboard, black and white and A4 transparencies, enlargements and reductions.
  • Digital printing: in black and white and colour, up to extended DIN A3, in PDF, Word, Excel, JPG and PowerPoint formats, from USB media.
  • Self-service plotter for drawings: from USB media, black and white and colour, up to Din A0 (Betancourt Building Printing Service only).
  • Digitalisation of documents: in black and white and colour A4 and A3, in PDF and JFG/TIFF format. These documents will be received by email or on USB media.
  • Bindings: in wire spiral and heat-sealed spine.
  • Sale of teachers' notes for Undergraduate and Master Degrees.
  • Sale of books from university publishers.
  • Sale of stationery: paper, cardboard, pens, covers, foam core, etc.
  • Card top-ups for self-service machines available in the hall in both buildings.

Public prices

Form of payment:

- In cash

- By bank card