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Master Program in Robotics, Graphics and Computer Vision

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  • Duration: 90 ECTS (2 semesters + 30 ECTS Final Project, either during 3rd semester or during summer)
  • Language of instruction: English

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Supported by the Dept. of Computer Sc. and System Eng., the Robotics, Perception and Real Time Group, and the Graphics and Imaging Lab.

The goal of the master's degree is to provide training in research, innovation and development in the fields of Robotics, Graphics and Computer Vision and at their crossroads. The language of instruction is English. The curriculum allows the acquisition of a series of general and specific competences related to these topics, through a set of compulsory and optional subjects summarized here.

Robotics, autonomous vehicles, drones, computer vision, machine learning, graphic computing, virtual and augmented reality (AR / VR), and computational image are all disciplines in strong expansion and have an enormous socioeconomic potential, including applications of great economic and social interest, such as driving aid systems, or augmented reality systems for medicine. In the last decade there has been a continuous increase in the confluence between these sectors: autonomous vehicles need robotics and computer vision techniques to navigate, and are trained by automatic learning in virtual environments; AR / VR systems use robotics and computer vision techniques to learn the environment and estimate the user's position; computational imaging combines vision techniques and graphics computing to obtain and process images impossible to achieve with traditional methods, etc.


1.  The degrees that provide access to these studies are:

    • Computer Science Eng.
    • Electronics and Automatic Control Eng. (1)
    • Industrial Technologies Eng. (1)
    • Telecommunications Eng. (1)
    • Mechatronics Eng. (1)
    • Electrical Eng. (1)
    • Mechanical Eng. (1)
    • Physics (1)
    • Mathematics (1)
    • Other bachelor degrees in science and engineering (1, 2)

For degrees marked (1), (1, 2), access to the program is possible if additionally there is sufficient evidence of: (1) 18 ECTS credits (or equivalent experience, for example in the final degree project) in computer programming, and (2) 18 ECTS credits (or equivalent experience) in mathematics.

2. Additional requisites:

For all degrees, English  proficiency level of at least B2 or equivalent.  Higher levels will be valued.

3. Details about the required documentation can be found HERE


    • For (1), please detail in the Curriculum Vitae (CV) the courses / subjects / final degree project followed in which a substantial part is related to computer programming, including a description of the work done, the programming languages ??used, an estimation of credits corresponding to the programming activities, an estimation of the number of lines of code written. The same for the case of equivalent professional experience.
    • For (2), please detail in the CV the courses / subjects followed. In the case of an equivalent experience, please provide a detailed description of this experience.

4. Additional documents that can be considered in your application:

    • Certificate of position of the candidate in their promotion in the degree that provides access to the master program.
    • Certificate of the exam the gave the candidate access to the university degree

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