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The School's Image and Communication responds to the ideas-strengths set out in the Strategic Plan, based on three main elements:

  • Audiovisual content designed from the user experience (UX).
  • Trans-media communication through social media and digital channels.
  • Connection with the EINA Community, Society and professional sectors.

Resources and images


The School's photocall is built around three main ideas:

  • Vocation of synergy, pride of belonging, and feeling of community: concepts represented by the official blue colour values of University of Zaragoza.
  • Our leadership, self-identity and responsibility as a driving force for social progress: concepts represented in the School's official imagotype.
  • Creativity and dynamism in an orange stripe with the official colours of the School, which fulfils a golden ratio, representing the School's values of discipline, accuracy and rigour.

This photocall is complemented by a set of cubic forms, with the official colours of the School in the secondary and tertiary tones, which continue to recall the School's imagotype while also integrating three other ideas:

  • Adaptation to changes, flexibility to the environment, and dynamism: ability to sit, lean, be stacked, etc.
  • Cross-curricularity as a sign of identity of the School: ability to personalise the photographs in line with each specific event.
  • Participatory and open structures: in order to encourage creativity and connect ideas.

Promotional banner design

The visual design to be used in disseminating and promoting activities, events, talks, conferences, courses, workshops, etc. again integrates three main ideas:

  • The prominence of the School's image (on the left of the design), prioritising our own quality graphic resources thanks to the collaboration of the School's students, teachers and non-teaching staff.
  • A central line that modernises the design, applying the rule of thirds, and evokes the values of the logo: progression (3 levels of training: undergraduate degree, master's degree and internal studies), excellence (exact forms), etc.
  • Reinforcement of the main information (integrated with the main image and the central line) on different levels in order to transmit creativity, mobility, openness and, again, with a threefold idea:
    • Title and subtitle, with a vertical bar (equivalent to the white stripe in the photocall) as a new visual identity element for the School (which will become prominent as this design evolves into its audiovisual format).
    • Main message in the form of a motivating phrase, an open question, encouragement to take part in School life, etc.
    • Relevant information such as "word cloud" on 3 levels: date and place, time and connection to the web, social media and a hashtag# to personalise communication and easily categorise information according to our interests, profiles, topics, etc.


Many thanks to everybody who took part in the School's Image and Communication initiatives (in random order):

Javier Marín · Marta Ortigosa · Alicia Marco · Leire Pérez · Alejandro Plumed · Anna Biedermann · Ana Serrano · Natalia Chueca · Nuria Goldaraz · Javier Lucía · Nils Javier Elbing · Gorka Loyola ·Jesús Escudero · Sara Fernández · Kevin Fisttchen · Lorena García · Laura Ramos · Javier García · Candela Felipe · Ibai Fletas · Fernando Gómez · Álvaro Gonzalvo · Javier Gómez · Ana Goicoechea · Marta Gracias · Andrea Gregorio · Cecilia Mateo · Andrea Sánchez · Cecilia Hernández · Daniel Solsona · José Manuel Lagunas · Andrea Longás · Sara Lairla · Macarena Lasierra · Julia Morer · Marcos Ochoa · Miguel Medrano · María Montañés · Andrés Navarro · Javier Moreno · Sergio Yanot · Marina Rodríguez · María Ruiz · Icíar Vázquez · Nahia Otxoa · Ignacio García-Rodeja · Pablo Pérez · Andrea Asión · Ricardo León · Ángel Laguna · Elena Roche · Alberto Sedano · Álvaro Serrano · Carmen Vilar · Iván Sola · Marina Túnez · Marta Siguín · Alberto Urquía · Marta Alegre · Berta Cester · Leire Morala · Amaia Zarraluqui · Jesús Andreu · Jaime Bonafonte · Byron Ayala · Silvia Martínez · Ana Cedillo · María Sancho · Íñigo Méndez · Xuban Aizpitarte · Paloma Heras · María Pedrosa